Why Beautycounter?

There are lots of reasons I’m affiliated with Beautycounter, but to get rich quick is not one of them. I believe the personal care industry needs to change, and Lindsay Dahl’s post below is a “behind-the-scenes” sneak peek of Beautycounter’s process. If you’re interested in hearing more about the products and the process, I’d love to chat. Just email me at hello@melissahess.com, or you can complete my Skincare Consultation form.

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I want to let you in on the behind the scenes journey of Beautycounter going talc-free (it dates back to 2013!). It’s the story most people won’t tell you about. 1. Our first line of color cosmetics were talc-free, @christy_coleman loved them, and then we sent them to a lab to be tested for heavy metals. The levels were unacceptable, so we started over. 2. We launched color products with talc that met our heavy metal limits and tested our supplies of talc for asbestos (and published those results online). 3. Consumers preferences changed and our clients repeatedly asked us to go talc-free. So we went back to the lab to make the perfect eyeshadows, blushes etc, but we kept running into high heavy metals. 4. The only exception was for very light colors, which would mean that we wouldn’t be able to meet our high standards for clean while also meeting the needs of diverse skin tones. Also a non-starter. 5. So we’re doing what we do best, we’re pushing the envelope and we are transitioning to talc-free color products that use cream formulas (cream eye shadow, blush etc) while we continue to work on powders. You still get beautiful color cosmetics, while we try to do the impossible. This type of consumer and safety centric approach is what makes us, if I dare say it, cool. 😉 6. We will be talc free by June 2021 and you can trust us to ask the hard questions that other brands are not. Talc appears on the ingredient list, but heavy metals do not. There you have a #BTS sneak peak at the challenges we face daily and how we’re running towards the challenge of creating powders that are clean, talc-free, meet our heavy metal strict limits and have the color pay off required to make clean beauty for all.

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